As a homeowner himself, Chris realizes that keeping property taxes low is important to attracting new residents and keeping our current ones.  He helped craft and voted for this year’s budget that kept the property tax increase under 2%.  He has also voted to refinance old city bonds to lower interest rates – helping the city save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments.

Open Government

Believing that our city government has become disconnected from its residents, Chris has worked tirelessly to make City Hall more interactive and open to its people.  He has sponsored council chamber art receptions and a free concert on the lawn of city hall as well as co-sponsoring resolutions to post more public documents and information on our city’s website.  As Chairman of the Council he has also frequently allowed for all residents in attendance at Council meetings to speak before the Council – disregarding an old “house rule” that limited public participation to just 45 minutes.

Economic Development

Bringing new businesses and rehabbing our housing stock is a top priority of Chris.  Since taking office, he has supported and voted for several new development projects including a new downtown supermarket, an artist loft complex on Main Street, and a planned senior complex on Pershing Avenue.  He has also supported and voted to sell dozens of city owned vacant properties.  Many of these properties have been or are in the process of being renovated adding to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods.


Chris supports the preservation of our history and its buildings when economically feasible possibly.  When a local business acquired and wanted to demolish a federally designated historic building located at 204 Church Street (the Arnout Cannon House), Chris led the charge to save the building from demolition by brokering a deal between the owner and city.  Today, the building has been saved with a new owner planning to renovate it and move his business there.


Chris understands that we need to be more proactive in our approach to fighting crime.  He has vocally called for more foot patrols,  restoring community policing, expanding our downtown surveillance camera system and reintroducing the civilian patrol program.  In fact, due to his passion to see a more interactive and proactive police department he was recently appointed by the Mayor as co-chair of the Civilian Patrol Committee to help lead the charge to restart the program.  He is committed to seeing a more interactive and integrated police department.

Youth Programs

Chris has dedicated much of his life to our city youth.  As the second youngest person on the City Council he voted to increase funding for city youth programs by over 80% over the Mayors proposed 2015 budget.  He has also coordinated with school district officials on several different endeavors from SWAG events, to displaying youth art in the council chambers and much more.  Chris believes we need to make much more investments into our youth.

Green Space

For decades are city park system has been crumbling – the worst neglected being Pulaski Park.  Through his efforts, Chris has made the renovation of Pulaski Park a main priority.  This year he secured over $35,000 for Pulaski Park improvements – these improvements include a new fence around the basketball court, the sealing and striping of the parking lots, new BBQ grills, new benches and several new trees.  He is confident of securing even more money and seeing additional improvements next year for not only Pulaski Park, but all city parks.

City Bus System

Chris supports maintaining city management and authority of our city bus service.  He does not support the County taking over our system or any other private company.  He believes that our city bus service has much to offer our residents and that it is a vital part of our community, especially for those that do not own cars or have their own transportation.  He has and will continue to advocate for keeping our city bus system – city owned and operated.

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